Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy intends to offer comprehensive details with regard to the appropriate behavior and conduct of visitors to It also explains how information is gathered from the visitors and its subsequent uses. The policy listed below may or may not undergo modifications in the future and is subjected to our terms of use.

Why do we insist on collecting personal information?

Collecting personal details from a user enables us to develop a complete grasp of your requirement thus allowing us to improve the quality of our services. By placing attention to every detail of your needs, we will deliver services that further enhance your over all living experience.

1 The type of Information collected

The primary object of detail collection is to offer improved services to users. Each user is expected to give a number of details about themselves including Email address and personal details at the time of signing up for the services on the website.

2 Cookies

Users receive a number of cookies which will allow us to identity your browser in the most unique fashion. The cookies received by your computer will give the website a better understanding of preferences and behavioral instincts.

3 Collection of Log information

Our servers have the capacity to record your details while you are on our website. Among the major times of details collected from your browser are web requests and IP address. This process will also allow the website to cookies capable of identifying your browser.

4 User communications

Every email or other details sent to us to us through communicative means may be retained by us to better understand your queries. Such a process to save our communications details will certainly help us improve the quality of services.

5 Displaying Links

Placing links on various areas of the website enables us to keep track of the specific links that have followed by the users. This collected information is in return used to improve the standards of content on the website.

6 Receiving Alerts

You will have the provision to receive email or phone, giving you constant updates regarding the latest service offering on the website.

7 Posting on Public Forums

When a user typically accesses our website to take part in discussion forums and leave their personal details like comments and photos, they will be available in the public domain. Any kind of sharing of information on our website will be done at your own peril.

8 Data Security

At the time of fee payment, we transfer you credit card details to the concerned bank, thus facilitating banking process. In the event of some problem with payment, we will carry out a verification of order information with you and the bank.

9 Graphical representations found on website

The different types of graphical design of buildings found on the website are by and large the creation of artists. These representations may be subject to variations or modification in actual appearance. Please keep in mind that the details of these representations may undergo changes.

10 Information sharing

In addition to the practice of sharing a user’s credit card details, if necessity arises we also share their personal information with affiliated or non-affiliated companies of Paul Alukkas.

Your adherence to our terms

While accessing our official website, you are adhering to terms and conditions enumerated in the privacy policy. All the policies may become subject to alteration of our terms of use which reserve right to override all types of claims and concerns.

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