Verifying The Authenticity Of Flat Property Documents Without The Intervention Of A Lawyer


Even this day and age of information and technology a large number of flat buyers seem to rely too heavily on lawyers to determine the authenticity of documents concerning flats. Despite the mounting evidence to the contrary people are still laboring under the illusion that a lawyer’s intervention is precondition for confirming the authenticity of documents. However, even a lay person can attest to authenticity of documents on their own provided that they take into account certain points before signing up the papers. The property buyer should be able to comprehend every nicety in a document.

Checking closely for personal details in property documents



The buyer of a property is fully entitled to inquire about the details in documents and ensure that every little bit of information is listed in the documents. The buyer should make a point of retaining a copy of the agreement and ask for the inclusion for complete personal details in the document. The buyer has made sure that the details in a contract perfectly capture the details of the buyer in its entirety. Before the purchase of a flat for sale in Kochi, a buyer must ensure that the agreement is witnessed by two individuals each of whom is representing the buyer and seller.

Developing a thorough understanding of the termination clause


Every seller and buyers who wish to enter a contract uses some mechanism for the termination of the official contract in the event of violation of terms and conditions. An agreement is reached between the buyer and seller with the intention of introducing certain binding regulations to which both parties must adhere. The contract chiefly constitutes the number of repercussion to be faced by either party in the event of any contractual violation. The agreement enables either aggrieved to settle differences through civil means. The agreement usually comes with a termination by convenience clause through which either party can revoke the agreement.

Importance of having clarity about dispute resolution


Any agreement is incomplete without the presence of some mechanism that can resolve conflicts arising between the parties involved. An agreement which contains logical dispute resolution mechanism will help either party to resolve the most complex disputes. Such a corrective mechanism serves as an effective alternative to conventional form of litigation and is adopted in a large number of property agreements. Dispute resolution plays a vital role in aiding the involved parties to settle their difference without recourse to litigation. Among the other conventional means of ending a commercial agreement are adjudication and mediation.

Forming an understanding of amenities that come with the purchase


Every apartment purchase document comprises of specific amenities clause that can educate the purchaser in detail about the different types of amenities. Reading the amenities clause will help you form a good grasp of niceties of the contract and additional entitlements. It will also ensure that the purchaser becomes acutely aware of the maintenance charges that may be incurred down the road. Having amenities clause in the right place also eliminates the risk of conflicts that may arise from misinformation about available amenities.

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