Make it a successful home purchase this time

Owning quality jewelry and green buildings have always been our passion as we spread wings across the world in several global cities also as builders and developers we have achieved our own identity for building luxury villas. As in a jewelry design and so in architecture, we have experimented with the old and the new, delivering luxury and elegance, beauty, sustainability, and comfort, just as the heart desires. Find us in several cities in Kerala and that includes Thrissur, the cultural capital, where we started an epic journey in 1960.

Join us in the quest for a new home

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Especially for first timers, and everybody has had that experience, sometime, it can be a bitterly stressful involvement. Let us see how the frustration can be rendered manageable. Various aspects like legalities, finance, agreements, costs and pricing, the condition of the home and its constituents would need to be considered. Areas and localities, resale values and the future would provide food for thought. A house is an investment for a lifetime and perhaps beyond. You cannot heed only the present, though the moment is crucial, the only time we have our existence.

Be certain about the type of property you wish to buy 

Some families are more concerned about style and design while others desire large spaces! What are your priorities? Amenities and security should matter in both cases. Would the best choice in the specific case be a condo? How many bedrooms and their sizes?

Work out the budget, but not exactly so

villa vs flat

What are your credit ratings? Affordability matters for sure. Once you fix the target budget, keep margins for expenses after the moving in.You not only pay for the house, but also for the intricate woodwork. Personal choices of furnishings and appliances, rugs and updated fixtures would eat into the budgets, small though they may seem in comparison to that large initial investment. A strong buffer budget is what is basically needed. Some money left over when the entire home buying exercise is done may be fine, like money saved.

Explore mortgage options wisely

Perhaps you need a long term mortgage type of loan, maybe extending to 20 years or longer? Work out the required monthly payments and adjust accordingly. Perhaps a fixed loan offers better terms or an adjustable rate mortgage that may be risky but offers the best terms. Explore options from several lenders, and compare it.

Ignore small things

villa vs flat

Many people get caught up in trifling details like the paint quality or the beauty of the doors and windows. It seems to be like gazing at the sky and forgetting what lies beneath the feet. While details may be important, they need to wait. Yet bidding and negotiating are not small matters and could result in a big price difference. Bargaining is necessary even in big deals though we do it in petty shops usually. Who has fixed those towering rates? There is always space for some compromises and you need not feel small about expressing reservations about the price. Bid and negotiate forcefully as if fighting a war.

House Insurance and Inspection

villa vs flat

Just like life, homes and property need to be insured and that should be the first thing in mind. Get it done quickly. Regarding home inspections, we can only get at the surface; yet make it thorough, as much as possible. Perhaps two visits would work better than one, preferably not alone. First impressions matter but a detailed study of the structure with the experts would be needed. Ask plenty of questions and get into the spirit of the dwelling, using the imagination a great deal. Think hard before arriving at a final decision.

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